Life Be-yond



What We Do

At NJSMG we collaborate with alumni and current professional athletes to speak with top collegiate bound and current student-athletes on real life conversations about their particular sport(s) of play. This type of dialog allows the student-athlete and parent/care giver the opportunity to disseminate and exchange information and ideas on how the student can maintain healthy living on and off the field. All workshops are presented by licensed certified health care professionals.

The following screenings/services will also be available for students:

• Baseline Concussion Testing*

• Physicals*

• Orthopedic Pediatric Evaluations*

• Rehabilitation Referral Services

• Sports Genetic Solutions*

• Nutritional Diet Planning

• Dental Hygiene (Personalized Mouth Guards) *

• Performance Enhance Planning

• STEM Academic Enrichment Referral Services

• Blood Pressure Screening*

• Cardiovascular Screenings (COPD/Asthma/Sleep Apnea/Breathing) *

Non-Sports Related Concussions

• FDA Approved All Natural Product Awareness (What’s New – Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals)

• Body Percentage Fat Composition*

• Concussion Questionnaire Survey

• Technology Talk (What’s New)

• Diabetes Solutions Sickle Cell Anemia and Athlete*

{*Require parental consent}